After years representing government agencies, startups, midsize businesses and educational institutions we have found that the story quality and messaging scope, along with becoming a resource to with media outlets and reporters is very important. We do not allow interns or novice to pitch your stories but seasoned professionals who have relationships with the press.
Groove Heads Entertainment, LLC-2007-present
A green screen entertainment company with a dream of  giving events more marketing/ promo bang for their entertainment bucks by making guests stars in music videos that promote the clients long after the event.. READ MORE
Choice Education and Development Corporation
Since 2007 Spotlight Imaging has helped Sequoia's schools in areas of: branding campaigns, press story development, television commercial production, feeder school partnership programs, school events, collateral and website design and media buys READ MORE
Venue of Scottsdale 2007-2008
From revamping the Venues online and collateral image to assisting with A-lister celebrity parties, Spotlight Imaging assisted with the buzz  with a new website, brochures, TV event commercial, event photography, press releases and alerts and media coordination during high profile events and concerts. 
Visions In Photography
  • Architectural, Ariel and Event Photography
LiTera Companies LLC- 2006-2008
  • Graphic design of collaterals including flyers, product one-sheet, trade show signs,
  • Press release copywriter, pitching, interview coordination and spokesperson for TV interviews
  • Website copy consultation
Marbecc Custom Design, LLC 2007
  • Marketing and sales team development and management including: hiring, training new outside account representatives, and administrating daily operations
  • Company database development
  • Graphic designer of marketing brochures postcards and business cards

  • Sequoia Choice Distance Learning
  • Sequoia Charter School on Horne
  • Redwood Academy
  • Arizona Conservatory of the Arts and Academics

  • Sequoia Village
  • Sequoia School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Pathfinder Academy
  • Sequoia Star Academy
  • Sequoia Ranch Academy
PR Services
Client Case Studies
  • Market  Research
  • Story Development, Writing and Pitching
  • Advertising Campaign Management
  • Video and Commercial Production
  • Online and Social Media Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Media Coaching
  • Branding and Product Launch's Events
  • Direct Marketing/Advertising
  • Grassroots Marketing/Advertising
  • Sales Presentations Development and Training
  • Client Spokesperson

Assignment desks receive thousands of inquires daily-many are unread because they aren't written in a manner that is newsworthy. Mass distribution services can be useful for specific types of campaigns, however, they are never enough and we always pick up the phone and pitch your story. In many cases we have more than one story ready for the press which helps our  clients to become a resource and not just a one time story.
In November 2009 eRenewable Resource Institute formally eRenewable Resource Group brought Spotlight Imaging on board to help promote their new postsecondary solar school into the Arizona marketplace. 
Since the initial media campaign, eRenewable has been featured on the front page of the Mesa Arizona Republic,  two segments on Channel 12, and a Fox 10 to name a few. We also helped them develop their e-mail class newsletter and brochure.